Welcome to SocMediaFin from Joyce Sullivan, Founder and CEO

Feb 03

Welcome to SocMediaFin providing social media strategy for financial services.

As many of you know, I started SocMediaFin in October 2011 after spending the past few years inside global financial services firms watching them grapple with how to ignore or control the use of social media by their employees.

Financial services is a highly regulated industry and all correspondence must be retained. Similar to email, compliance retention rules apply, if bank employees were allowed to officially post on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  At this time, most financial firms, block employees’ access to these sites.

I started SocMediaFin to bring together social media strategy and the financial services industry’s desire to embrace this new media in an effective and compliant fashion.

I’ll be posting more in the days ahead. I look forward to getting to know you all very soon.

Best, Joyce

Founder/CEO, SocMediaFin Inc.

Twitter: @JoyceMSullivan

LinkedIn: JoyceMSullivan

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