Welcome to SocMediaFin

Feb 03

Welcome to SocMediaFin

Welcome to SocMediaFin, boutique social media firm, where we provide social media strategy for regulated industries, non-profits and creative arts businesses.

Founded in 2011, SocMediaFin works across a number of industries to design and establish the right social media approach and program.

SocMediaFin launched in 2011, initially focused on unraveling the regulation around social media for financial services firms.  As the online world has continued to evolve, SocMediaFin stays in the know for trends that touch many industries and businesses. Our work with non profits, creative arts businesses and regulated industries, continues to grow. We are proud to partner with our clients to reach their core audiences through new channels.

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More to come soon as we revamp our website.


founder / ceo

SocMediaFin Inc.

Twitter: @JoyceMSullivan

LinkedIn: JoyceMSullivan

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